Santa Fe is getting recognized by a company that knows a pretty city when it sees one. National Geographic crowned Santa Fe a World Legacy Awards winner.

Santa Fe won the Sense of Place category. That category measured authenticity, support to protect historical monuments, archaeological sites and maintaining other culture and tradition. Santa Fe beat out Awamaki, Peru and Adventure Canada, Canada for this category.

“National Geographic stands for exploration, conservation and stellar storytelling. World Legacy Awards celebrate the people, places and experiences that exemplify our mission in the global travel industry,” said National Geographic Travel editor-in-chief George Stone in a statement.

Stone said the recipients represented the future of travel and are leaders in sustainability.

Tourism of Santa Fe Executive Director Randy Randall said, “ This is an incredible international honor for Santa Fe to be singled out as number one in ‘Sense of Place.’ It is a testament to what makes Santa Fe so special and truly The City Different.”

The awards aim to highlight sustainable and global tourism around the world. The awards are presented by National Geographic and ITB Berlin. There were more than 100 entries from 45 countries across six continents. The 15 finalists were evaluated by 26 judges and underwent an onsite inspection. The awards come as the United Nations declared 2017 “The International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development.”

“Our cultural diversity, our careful preservation of history and our authentic offerings have allowed us to be recognized on a world stage as the only recipient from the United States in this years National Geographic Legacy Awards,” said Randall.

This isn’t the first time Santa Fe has been recognized by National Geographic. It has been named on the Best Adventure Towns and of The Best High Altitude Cities.

In the most recent report done by the New Mexico Tourism Department, direct visitor spending in 2014 saw an all-time high at $6.08 billion.